Growth Tracks

Ignite 2024 will offer nine different breakout sessions based upon our three core values of Ignite: Respond, Relate, Renew.
The breakouts will comprise approximately 40 minutes of instruction, along with twenty minutes of group participation and discussion.
Be watching for further breakouts and their leaders in the future.

- Disciple-Making As A Lifestyle
- A Change Anointing

Jonathan Olavarria

We are excited to welcome Jonathan Olavarria as a breakout leader at Ignite 24. Jonathan is the Lead Pastor of The Hub Church in Jersey City, New Jersey. In 2023, the International Children's Ministries Department of the Church of God of Prophecy also brought him on as the Child Discipleship and Faith Formation Specialist.

Jonathan will lead a breakout in our RENEW values entitled "Disciple-making As A Lifestyle." Explore biblical strategies to empower and equip disciples to make disciples in today's world. He will provide practical insights and inspiration to fulfill the Great Commission in your community.

He will also lead a breakout in our RESPOND value as he leads "A Change Anointing." Jonathan will address your strong desire to transform the current state of church and ministry. You will gain practical insights and divine inspiration to embrace and implement change, shaping a vibrant, impactful future.

- Dream Big

Michelle Brooks-Young

As we continue to introduce you to the breakout growth opportunities at Ignite 24, today’s introduction is “Dream Big” by Michelle Brooks-Young, the Tennessee Women’s Ministries Director and the Director of KidsServe, a ministry of the COGOP International Children’s Ministries.

"Dream Big" is a workshop designed to empower participants to pursue their God-given dreams with unwavering faith and determination. Grounded in biblical teachings, this workshop encourages attendees to heed the call of God, much like Abraham, who left his homeland in obedience to God's promise and Esther, who courageously stepped into her role 'for such a time as this”.

Drawing a  parallel to Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the Places You'll Go!", this workshop celebrates the boundless potential within each individual when they follow God's guidance, embracing the assurance that with God, ALL things are possible (Matthew 19:26). You will be encouraged to dream big and embark on a remarkable journey towards fulfilling God's extraordinary plan for your life.

- Wading Deeper Into God's Word

Austin Morgan

Austin Morgan will lead another of our “Renew” breakouts at Ignite 24. Austin and his wife, Lindsey, live in Roanoke, VA. They have one son. Austin is a Linus Systems Administrator, and he is passionate about evangelism, worship/sound, and camping ministry in Virginia.

Austin will lead the breakout session "Wading Deeper Into God’s Word." The word of God is as vast and deep as an ocean, filled with the richness of life and love. You will learn how to go deeper into the word of God to renew your faith and how a deeper reading of scripture will increase your love and understanding of God.

- Connecting Hearts / Transforming Lives

Scott Gillum

Bishop Scott Gillum will lead a session at Ignite 24 called “Connecting Hearts, Transforming Lives.” Bishop Gillum has worked in full-time ministry for 44 years in various roles, such as State Youth Director, Evangelism Director, District Overseer, Pastor, and State Bishop. He has served in North Carolina, Kansas, California, Kentucky, Texas, and Florida, where he serves as the State Bishop. Scott earned his Master's in Christian Ministry from Oral Roberts University. This fall, he will release a new book called “A Pastor’s Reformational Journey - The Equipping of the Saints.”

Scott and his wife, Brenda, live in Leesburg, Florida. They have two married children and two grandchildren.

- The Theology of Worship

Hunter Roberts

Hunter Roberts will lead one of the ten breakouts at Ignite 24. A Mississippi native, Hunter, now lives in Cleveland, TN, where he works at the COGOP International Offices. He has bachelor's degrees in International Finance and Spanish, and he is now pursuing a master's in Church Ministries.

Hunter will lead the breakout session “A Theology of Worship." This session will be focused not on how to lead worship, but how to live out worship. It will approach worship from a theological perspective and incorporate practical principles for living a life of Biblical worship in the day to day.

- Holiness in the 21st Century

Jeff and Kimmy Jones

Jeff and Kimmy Jones will lead one of our “Renew” emphasis breakouts, "Holiness in the 21st Century.” Jeff Jones is a Business Education Teacher at Hendersonville High School and a sought-after speaker at youth camps, retreats, and conferences.

Kimmy is a Digital Art and Design Teacher at Station Camp High School and a dynamic worship leader featured at camps, retreats, and conferences, including the 2023 International Children’s Ministries Conference.

Together, they are former Youth Ministries Director for Tennessee's Church of God of Prophecy. Jeff and Kimmy are active in their local church, contributing their talents and leadership to their community.

Their breakout will focus on true holiness, not just an outward observance or adherence to religious rituals, but on the inner transformation of the individual and how that looks in today’s culture.

- Gender Identity and Sexuality: A Gospel-Centered Approach

Shaun McKinley

Dr. Bishop Shaun McKinley, the International Director of Children's Ministries, Public Relations Coordinator, and Administrative Liaison to the Presiding Bishop for the Church of God of Prophecy will present a "Respond" breakout entitled "Gender Identity and Sexuality: A Gospel-Centered Approach."

Our God is a God of hope, truth, purity, and order. He has a perfect way, will, and design for our identity, sexuality, and relationships. Our culture, however, is celebrating and embracing ideals and lifestyles that are counter to this perfect design. Many followers of Jesus are unsure about responding to the surrounding culture, serving those experiencing confusion, and equipping future generations with a biblical understanding of gender and relationships. In this breakout session, we will share a biblical basis and justification for God's design for gender, sexuality, and friendships, as well as provide practical ways to engage with those struggling with identity and sexuality.

- Stronger Together: The Power of Lifelong Bonds

Joe and Heather Dotson

This is going to be a great breakout in our "Relate" track at Ignite 24: "Stronger Together: The Power of Lifelong Bonds". Joe and Heather Dotson will challenge you to unlock the transformative impact of deep, enduring relationships. Discover how meaningful connections can boost your personal growth, resilience, and overall life satisfaction. Uncover how lifelong bonds of friendship and accountability can strengthen you, enhancing every aspect of your life. Don’t miss out on this journey!

Joe and Heather Dotson, originally from Virginia, have lived in Central Florida for over 20 years. They will soon celebrate 29 years of marriage and have one beautiful daughter. They serve out of the Florida State Office as Youth Camp Coordinators and Directors of LEAD, a camp for young adult leaders.
Heather serves Florida as Administrative Assistant and Joe as the Online Connection Pastor. They have attended Ignite for the last two years and are looking forward to being there again!