1. The use of tobacco, marijuana, drugs, alcohol, profanity, non-Christian music, or any unprescribed substances is prohibited along with the possession of weapons, firearms, or fireworks. This includes nicotine delivery devices (e.g. vapes, juuls, etc.). A violation may result in dismissal from the event and notification to proper authorities, if applicable.
  2. Care should be given in choosing of one's apparel. We are a faith-based conference and attendees clothing should reflect Christian principles of modesty. Apparel that symbolizes tobacco, drugs, alcohol, violence, or profanity is not allowed.
  3. No swimming or water activity is to be done without a certified lifeguard present.
  4. Hazing or bullying is prohibited.
  5. Same sex flirting, dating, or intimacy is prohibited.
  6. Campers are required to use the bathrooms, showers, and be housed according to their birth gender.